• Increase the efficiency of Agency operations and programs
  • Ensure Agency activities are consistent with the law and U.S. person privacy protections
  • Recruit and develop professional OIG personnel
  • Improve OIG processes and information systems


The Office of the Inspector General is the independent agent for individual and organizational integrity within the Agency. Through audits, inspections, special studies, and investigations, we work to ensure that the Agency respects Constitutional rights, obeys laws and regulations, treats its employees and affiliates fairly, and uses public resources wisely. We also work jointly with other IGs in the Defense Department and Intelligence Community to advance common goals.


We value dedication, courtesy, teamwork, productivity, accountability, objectivity, independence, and adherence to professional standards. Our products and services will be timely, thorough, reliable, constructive, clear, and technically sound. We seek to maintain a workplace that allows OIG personnel to develop and exhibit these qualities in their work. We recognize and promote excellence in Agency programs.